I witnessed as these two girls walked into the hall, each trying to establish what they must have believed was their supremacy over other human beings. Their dressings vividly conveyed the fact that they both had a good dress sense and they had access to exotic clothes. Their hair-do sung the song of wealth, and their cologne was charming enough to intoxicate their man target with eerie feelings of love and infatuation.

In an environment where everybody around had to be from a wealthy family to even be there, they made it obvious that some wealth was actually wealthier than other wealth and in the rich class, there were sub classes of rich, very rich, and very very rich. They definitely looked like they belonged to the very very rich class.

As the program begun, I was more attracted to these two girls than to the boring person who mounted the stage, and I observed the both of them simultaneously. They were oblivious of each another, and they stayed in their little worlds, permeating an air of royalty, class and an arrogant superiority that everybody around could detect. They both felt like they were the only ones in the hall who were operating on that level. They made it a point of duty to constantly showcase their pride, either by their obviously faked foreign accent, their intimidating gesticulations, or by their stupid but yet classic questions like ‘what’s the bathroom service going to be like?’ ‘What is the Wi-Fi speed going to be like?’ ‘What time would the room service arrive?’ ‘if you have the money, can you pay for personal services and not use the ones that everyone else are using?’ and many other questions that was a means of portraying the fact that they were very rich babes.

As the event ran on, the time for the short break came, and me still amused and intrigued by their prefectly FAKE lives gazed on, observing the two. I watched as the both of them crossed paths for the first time, ignoring each other and doing what they knew how to do best. They crossed and had their seats respectively and as they sat to rest, they both pulled out their iPhones and began to fiddle with it. Halfway through their fiddling session they looked up at the same time and stared at themselves, each taking in the fact that they were both using the latest iPhones.

It amazed me when I saw the sense of mutuality show in their eyes, and for the first time they smiled at themselves, making themselves the first persons in the hall they responded warmly to. They literally responded the same way a black would respond to another black that he finds in a room full of white people, the way a person would respond to something he has discovered is from the same ethnic group with him. They responded with that feeling of instant intimacy.

To cut the long story short, it wasn’t long after that (not even up to ten minutes later) that they both began to walk together, and a week later they were ‘close friends’ and the ‘hottest friends in the event’ and I couldn’t help thinking to myself that it was the iPhone that brought them together, and not because they shared the same dreams, or because they understood each other, or because they both had anything tangible in common. Just the iPhone, the money and the shared feeling of elitism

However, some more weeks later, I watched as this two turned against each other in a wild quarrel, a quarrel so strong that it pulled a large audience in public. In the peak of their anger, they began to say terrible things about themselves, blurt each others weaknesses and secrets, spilling out what they had told themselves about guys they thought were cute, and a lot of things like that. They spat out their private discussions and the negative things they had said about other people. The fight was real.

While the quarrel lasted and was at its peak, I noticed how people actually sneered at them, and made side comments, talking about how they had looked down on others and acted like queens of the world, and now it was ironic to see them turn against each other.

Was it really ironic?

The quarrel spilled into days and then weeks, with each trying to sabotage the other. They began to form new alliances that they believed would supposedly hurt each other, and through this session, even when everyone expressed wonder at how much they had turned to hate themselves, all that kept going through my mind was the fact that it was an iPhone that brought them together in the first place.

How strong is the bonding of an iPhone?

What has brought us together with the persons we’re close to right now? Can we boldly say it is strong to keep us united through odds and quarrels and trying times? Are we bonding to people and believing that we are good together, when in actual sense, it is our shared vanity, or some random crap that actually keeps us together?

You think you love him, when in actual sense you love his money? Or you think you love her, when in actual sense you desire her body and her beauty, but not her heart.

After going through this experience, the song locked away by R_city ft Adam Levine, genuinely made much sense.

What’s keeping the relationship together? Is it an iPhone or something stronger and valuable?

What are we building our relationships upon? Talks on celebrities and parties that we need to go to, and discussions on the latest this and the latest that, or have we found something deeper, like mutual dreams and goals, and shared visions and ambitions, or at least the fact that we have something reasonable in common, and not having the same iPhone in common.

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