ABOUT NAFDAC AND NBC- the fanta and vitamin c poisoning

So the trending news circulating round, is the recent court order mandating the Coca-cola company to include on their soft drink bottles (sprite and fanta), a written warning stating that its contents cannot be taken with vitamin C as it has proven to be poisonous and dangerous to human health. To get the full story, click here

To close the case, the court under the sitting of Justice Oyebanji reprimanded the NAFDACE AND NBC for negligience of duty, having failed to point out the dangerous contents of the soft drinks to the public, and then awarded the sum of two million naira against NAFDAC

This appalling news got to me sometime yesterday, and I read the story with a sense of sadness that I would like to infect whoever reads this post with.

The fact that the unsafe contents of these soft drinks was brought to the notice of the public only when a large amount of the drinks were denied access into the United Kingdom is saddening enough. These drinks are in free circulation across Nigeria and are certified by NAFDAC to be safe enough for regular consumption!! It makes me wonder what exactly they are certifying. Why should a drink be okayed here in Nigeria, only to go the United Kingdoms and be denied entrance, seized and destroyed because they were observed to contain excessive levels of “sunset yellow”Β  and “benzoic acid?”

Once again, many lives of Africans and Nigerians to be more precise, have been saved by the effectiveness of the white man’s system, while we claim to have a working system of ours.

Let’s not even talk about the fact that this case was filed in 2007, ten years ago, and that it was filed by a business man, who most likely was trying to get back the money he lost from the destruction of the twelve million naira worth soft drinks, and wasn’t brought to the attention of the public by any government system or agency that I refuse to believe were truly ignorant of the dangerous components of this soft drinks. The fact that this case was just concluded days ago, while all this while of course, the production of this soft drinks were still going on is another thing that sincerely distresses me. what that meant that more benzoic acid were still being pumped into the system of more Nigerians while the human beings behind this soft drink companies increase their money stacks at the expense of more lives.

In truth, none of this can really be considered saddening enough when compared to the only defense that the Nigerian Bottling Company gave in court. In their defense, they stated that the business man who purchased the soft drinks hadn’t informed them that it was for export purposes, as they believed the soft drinks were meant for local distribution and consumption alone!!

I am not understanding again o :-/

Is it that if they were informed that it was white men in the United kingdom that were going to consume their soft drinks, they would have reviewed the production process and made it safe for drinking, but as they thought it was meant for our consumption, it then became legal to kill us.What sort of stupid argument is that one abeg?

Maybe what their argument really meant was that since they believed it was here in Nigeria that the product was to be distributed, they knew for sure that it would be okayed for distribution by our health regulating bodies, but if they had known that the goods were supposed to leave Nigeria and face an effective system, maybe they would have advised the business man, that it wasn’t really a good idea.

And for those people behind the manufacture of this produces that can cause cancer and take a live, but yet continue to make them because of whatever it is that’s their motivation…

Ooow, and do you want to know the most ironical part of it all? Coca-cola company wasn’t banned here in Nigeria…it was only ordered that they should write on their bottles that drinking it with vitamin c is poisonous.

Does that mean that drinking it on its own after the warning has been written, would now eliminate the effects of this harmful substances on the human body?

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