I am interviewing Adam…and Eve.

Yes, you read right, and no you’re not wrong; I really mean the first man and his wife; the man and woman who introduced the concept of wearing clothes to conceal ‘nakedness’, the man who named all the animals, the woman who was formed from the rib of a sleeping man, the man who was formed out of dust, or better still, the man and woman who ate the damned fruit and drove humanity out of bliss and into suffering.

Isn’t it blue how all you ever hear of Adam is how he ate a fruit, and you never hear anyone say something like “Adam was a great fellow! Just look at how he took his time to name all the animals according to God’s instruction! That must have been one hellova work! Be like Adam!”

‘hellova?’ hellova as in ‘hell of a’?…’  such coincidence that I seem to be bringing up the issue of hell right now, but anyway…

Oh yes I know, I’m start, and if you haven’t figured out why yet, it’s because I’m  going to be interviewing Adam and Eve, and I’m nervous. Nooooo, I’m not scared, I’m just…

Okay, this is getting weird.

My apologies if you expected me to be very professional; in my defense I actually am very professional when I’m interviewing normal persons, and not out-of-the-ordinary kind of people. I mean, who would have ever thought that somebody would ever reach out to Adam and Eve for an interview? Believe me; nothing really prepared me for this time.

I’m not really in a hurry, so let’s waste some time and talk just a tiny winy bit. Sooo, why did I accept to undertake this interview in the first place, to transcend from the physical realm to the other realm in order to contact and get to hear the opinion of Adam and Eve? To go to a place no man has been recorded to have ever gone to? To talk to two people that history seems to be built upon, philosophies created from, prayer points and spiritual meetings originating from, jokes twisted from, arts, movies, poems, music and entertainment as a whole largely revolving around; a man and a woman that might pass for the world’s most resented people? Just what the hell am I thinking deciding to do this?

Hell again…  Ha!

I can really point out a lot of reasons for this interview, and I’m sure that in the midst of the reasons would sincerely be the fact that I like the thrill that comes with doing the “Seemingly undoable”, but deeper than all the other reasons lie the fact that I think it is only ideal to hear the story from the horse’s mouth you know, to get to know their opinion on God’s judgment on them. After all, all we know of Adam and Eve is what Moses the prophet told us, and Moses knew only what he said God told him. So you see? There’s no Adam and Eve in the narration.

Oow, and before I forget… I am Truth Zombie, and thanks for joining me on this ride down the spiral.

I’ve just left my dressing room with my notepad, pen and a voice recorder, feeling nothing but excitement, anxiety and a hyped sense of uncertainty. Soon I begin to transcend down the spiral and into the other realm.  Before I can reflect on anything, I drop into a space surrounded by darkness, and the change is unnerving.

The darkness is thick, and it carries this desolation that hits straight at my heart and messes with my mind immediately. The sadness that haunts wherever this place is can be described solely as gut-wrenching and immediately I feel my mood shift intensely. I can’t vividly explain it in the way I’d want you to picture it in all its reality, but it feels like there is this icy cloud of miserable tales, heart breaks and depression hovering around me, immediately letting down an invisible rain of automatic sadness, and although I have no idea why, all I feel is a numbing sensation of another level of grief entirely; like everything around me is grieving, and I don’t know why.

This abrupt change of mood is too much for me to process while maintaining my sanity, and now I am down on my knees, supporting myself with my hand as the burden weighs on me. I gasp for air and I struggle with my tie, unloosening it in an attempt to breathe in order to regain composure. At this point, I am no longer bothered with my appearance, or about making a good impression. Who was I planning to impress anyway?

I hear footsteps and I instantly become vigilante.

The footsteps scrape the ground in a horrifying manner, and I feel it draw closer, though not yet able to pick where exactly it is approaching from. I hear it from all angles as it echoes all around me, and I try not to focus on how unpleasant it is, or who it could possibly be. The footsteps stop as abruptly as they started, and the silence that follows whistles around me, causing me to be slightly nauseous. I slowly get up from the ground, still trying to process all that is happening.

A light shines from above, falling on and revealing a man who stands frozen, with legs spread apart, and as the tension of the moment hits me, I can’t bring myself to gaze up at whoever it is that owns this frightening pair of legs.

Realizing I need to look up, I finally muster what’s left of my waning courage in the face of…horror? Dread? Misery? Untold torments? Whichever it is, I start to let my eyes wander up from the legs.  I catch sight of what’s left of a feeble attempt to join leaves together, to make a cloth around the waist? Honestly it looks more like a garbage wrap to me, but I am not going to dwell on that now. My gaze slides up, and catches sight of an abdomen caught up in a war between abdominal muscles and protruding, awfully shaped rib bones. His chest is firm, and his face falls forwards, causing his unpleasantly long and untidy hair to cover most of his face, giving only a little space for his eyes to peer through, and mehn… his eyes.

The look in his eyes causes me to shiver, my knees to knock nervously at each other, and my throat to subconsciously swallow at an imaginary lump, all this time, sweat trickling down my forehead and my spine.

A light comes up sharply beside him, and what looks to be a woman miserably covered around the waist and chest region with leaves is seen, and she has that same look in her eyes, only this time, her eyes hint at more emotions; sadness, resignation, endless grief, and tears not being far from the tip.

“You use chairs where you come from” the man speaks brashly, though his still frozen frame doesn’t look to be what produced the sound. I stare for a while before realizing he is addressing me, and when I respond, I nervously nod many times more than necessary.

“Sit then” he says, and just as I am about to ask where, I feel the rub of a chair on my leg, and I turn to see one, so I circumspectly comply, still wondering where the chair appeared from.

Truth Zombie, say something I urge myself.

“Sooo. You must be the guy that ate the apple?” I begin, and gnash my teeth, reflecting on the oddity of my question.

“…and the lady too…the lady that plucked the apple” I add, referring to Eve, not able to keep my mouth shut and reason through the fog that has clouded my brain.

“And you are?” the man asks in a gruffly voice as he and the woman make to sit. I am amused by the fact that there is nothing behind them to sit on, and just as I am about to make this known to them, I discover they are now sitting on what looks to be swinging branches. I realize for the first time also, that there is a slight contrast between where I am sitting, and where they are slightly swinging. It’s like we are sitting in two different worlds, and in the middle the worlds blend harmoniously, but yet feebly.

“I am Truth Zombie. I contacted you weeks ago in regards to this interview” I reply, beginning to get back in touch with some of my professionalism.


“So Adam, I’m here to un…”

“Adam?” he asks, and I get confused

“Yes? Adam…that’s your name isn’t it?” I reply with puzzle, suddenly wondering if I’m making a mistake. No, I can’t possibly be making any. It’s Adam.

“Adam” he says again “Adam…hmph…is that what you people call me?”


“And what do you call her?” he asks pointing to his wife who has done nothing but stare at me hypnotically since the chit chat began.


“hmph. Eve…Eve, sounds…sad”

“Yeah, weren’t you the one who gave her the name? That’s what the bible says, and it also explains that Eve means mother of your children or something like that?” I ask, trying to understand the drama

“I gave her the name?”


“I gave her the name…” he repeats my every word in a way that perplexes me

He scratches his scrawny looking beard and his gaze wonders to the floor. Halfway through to the floor, he freezes in his position, and I observe as his eyes expand and his lips part a little, to reveal what I would rather not describe.

“Eve…I gave her the name… I am Adam, and she is Eve” he mumbles.

As if connected in a way I don’t understand, Eve slowly rotate her neck with new expressions of her own to face the man, and the man gradually turns to look at her too. I observe as their expressions soften to reveal an emotion filled with pain, and the woman is the first one to whimper.

The man’s eyes waver gloomily, and he moans as if in pain near death, and the woman reacts with a similar moan and I watch as her body relapses unto the man’s and they wail dejectedly.

“Talk about it” I say, instantly feeling connected to their pain which is extremely infectious to even the strongest

“Talk about it, tell me everything” I whimper as I gnash my teeth, blink rapidly, and brace myself for the truth.

“You want me to talk about it” he groans

“That’s why I am here”


Adam: God made everything beautiful; He had great dreams and plans for what the world would be like once Eve started multiplying with my offspring. His vision for the perfect world he had created was mind blowing, and gazing into his eyes that housed the seat of all shades of pure love was something I never got enough of. Those nights he used to descend down from the heavens to dwell and relate with me are the memories that burn at my mind the most, because they were just the very definition of surreal and…I don’t know which human word would be adequate enough to describe the feeling of glory and of being loved that came from those meetings.  I remember that particular day God came down and presented all the animals to me one after the other, telling me to give them any name I wanted. I remember how we both laughed because of how amusing some names sounded to, and how after laughing God would look at me with those majestically intense eyes and tell me “well, if that’s what you want this animal to be called, so be it. All the generations after you would call this animal that way” I just flowed, enjoyed every pleasant moment with He who created me. He really didn’t even need to come down to earth for me to feel His presence, because there was this straight connection my soul had to Him. It was like a direct line of communication, a straight way into His mind, and He into mine, it was beyond any form of telepathy any of your limited movies would be able to describe. It was pure amazing. You know, if I have my way to undo just one of the consequences that came from eating that godforsaken fruit, I would undo the vacuum in my soul that came from the disconnection… it’s just too tormenting to keep living with…

(Adam breaks down)

Eve: The truth is that no matter how much you try to recreate this world of perfection in your already contaminated and limited mind, you would just not be able to.  It’s also the same way that you won’t be able to fathom the dejection that came with our being cast out. It drove us to a state of insanity, and the generations after us followed suit, hence the killings, violence, and other repulsive things human beings have done throughout history. That’s how we cope with the madness. You want to know the truth? We are all mad, all of us, all of you, and it’s not your faults, but fact is, the human race has been contaminated with madness.

Adam: We experienced culmination while still in human flesh, and now we experience the worst forms of powerlessness too. Human beings commit suicide when their businesses, lifetime works and achievements collapse and they get to a state of utter depression, because they can’t comprehend the sudden change in the feel of the good life, but none of where they were can ever compare to the state of splendor and perfection we once lived in.

Truth Zombie: So tell us about the fruit. And also tell us the situation that led to the eventual eating of the fruit.

Adam:  The fruit reflected an unexplainable aura. It was like it housed a level of power we couldn’t get our minds around, but at the same time there was something repelling about it too. It was like while it was attractive and magnificent, it was also weirdly evil. Like a desirable evil, but evil all the same and the sense of that evil shook me to my wits trying to understand it. It was like a blind spot in my mind, and the lack of comprehension about why that particular tree gave me chills was something that blew my mind.

Eve: I remember the first time I saw that fruit in the presence of Adam. I had just been created and presented to him by God, and after a brief fellowship God departed and Adam decided to show me round the garden. It was all beautiful, the plants in all their gaiety, the animals running round in bliss and happiness, the entertaining sounds of the Euphrates river splashing at the banks, and the breeze hitting my face as it swept through, all very pleasing to me. I remember thinking that day, that this was a place I would never ever get bored of being in, a place I ought to cherish wholly, and a place I would never get enough of. We passed the tree of life that day, and we fantasized about how we would come around in the coming days and eat of that tree to know what it tasted like, and if the taste would be as appealing as the way it glowed. Once we got to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil however, I immediately knew there was something else about it than what met the eye. The way it stood in the middle of the garden, and the way Adam’s face lit up as he seemed to be pulled into a trance by looking at it told me that much. Adam told me with this icy cold voice that was unusual, that God had strictly ordered him, and now me, to never eat of that tree, and knowing that eating of that fruit would make God pissed made him shudder at the thought of it.  As we passed it that day and began to walk back to where we had planned to meet up with God that night, I remember seeing the serpent walk past and smile at me.

Adam: Days after, as we basked in the beauty of this garden, we did anything we wanted to do, feeling this intense joy from just relating with everything around us. Most times I and Eve fellowshipped with the animals, then we went swimming in the rivers afterwards. I was particularly fascinated with the dove. I liked the way it perched beautifully on my head and when I playfully tried to smack it off, it would fly out and land on my nose, laughing all the while that I was too slow.

Eve: The cat and dog were beautiful creatures too. They were fond of each other, although the cat was very mischievous. Some afternoons when the dog would be enjoying the sun of the afternoon, talking with myself, the lion, the crocodile and the antelope, the cat would fill its mouth with water from the river and sneak over and spill it on the dog, and the dog would chase it while the rest of us laughed. Those were usually the times Adam came in with the monkey on his shoulders and asked why we were laughing, before he would whisk me away in search of a new fruit to try out or to check out an animal I hadn’t seen before. From time to time I caught glimpses of angels as they streaked through the skies above, reflecting valor and desirable gallantry. These moments were beautiful and day after day passed. With the days that passed however I became more and more filled with wonder over that particular tree that stood in the middle of the garden. For a reason I didn’t know, animals didn’t venture close to the surroundings around it, and there was always this echoing silence around. There was once Adam caught me there, completely captivated by the tree. He had walked up to me and held me by the waist and asked what I was doing, and I questioned blankly if he didn’t ever wonder what exactly that fruit would do to us if we ate it, and he replied dazedly “we would die” the thought frightened me. That night, the serpent walked past again where Adam and I lay cozy under the mangrove tree talking with some mosquitoes, and it smiled at me again.

Adam: The day Eve ate the fruit was as normal as every other beautiful day in our paradise; I had left Eve to go for a walk with the Elephant who claimed that he just learnt how to snort water through his trunk, and he wanted me to come see. It was a nice time with him, as we played around the Tigris River; the river was unusually at a high tide that day. When we were done, we strolled back together, and when I didn’t see Eve around, and I began to sense this really deep burden within me, I got worried and searched for her. Later I found her in front of the tree, but this time she had her mouth full with a chunk of the fruit, and the serpent stood beside her. I was astonished, my heart leaped into my mouth, and I was terrified. I wailed as I expected to see my beloved Eve drop dead, but when she invited to come take a bite and she looked whole, not showing any signs of death. That desire I had been suppressing without completely dealing with overshadowed my inhibition, and I joined her, and when we were done, we discovered we were naked, and we became ashamed and sewed leaves to cover ourselves, and we hid from God. I believe you already know the story from there to the end.

Truth Zombie: what exactly does it mean when you said you discovered you were naked? How could you possibly not have been aware of your nakedness all this while?

Adam: Understanding what exactly transpired in that instant is the best way to understand this concept of nakedness. It would be hard for your mind to imagine it because you have never had the feel of being spiritually clothed the way we did. There was a glory always around us and it formed this beautiful cocoon around us. It wasn’t so much physical, but we could sense it and it was just majestic. We weren’t aware of our nakedness because we were caught up in a realm that blended our physical nature with our more prevailing supernatural nature, and we weren’t mortals as you now know it. Eve, would you try explaining better? You might do a better job. I have this feeling I’m losing the audience here.

Eve: You know how you would feel exposed and vulnerable when you are suddenly stripped off whatever it was that made you feel secure? That’s a glimpse of what it felt like. Of course we were always naked but we didn’t dwell so much in the physical to be aware of this our state, and our mind didn’t give heed to our physical nature because our carnal nature as you now know it, was not in existence then. Our senses were connected to the spiritual; we sensed in the spirit, completely overwhelmed with the glorious workings of our supernatural minds to be bothered about our nakedness.

Truth Zombie: And what happened when you ate the fruit? What exactly were the changes that occurred?

Adam: You are the changes that occurred

Truth Zombie: Excuse me?

Eve: What he means is that the state in which you are now, is how to summarize everything that happened

Adam: The first thing that happened was the disconnection that we felt within. Disobeying God had brought a stain to God’s white sheet of perfection, and the stain came with a severance of the direct line we had to God. God couldn’t communicate with us directly again, being unable to deal directly with imperfection in the guise of sin. With this line to God severed, everything ‘God’ about us departed immediately, and all that was left of us was just flesh and blood. A whole lot of His image in which we were created in departed, and all there was to us became nothing. Just a mechanism of functioning body parts but without the golden core that used to be in the middle of it. Ah! How I hate this emptiness!

{He moans in agony}

Eve: It was at this juncture that we were able to see our nakedness, now looking at ourselves for the first time with an empty eye, a carnal fleshy eye, and no longer being wrapped in glory. No matter how much we try to explain this, you would never just understand. The first way we reacted, was what anybody in our shoes would have done. We ran around in confusion, feeling the weight of the desolation. We could not feel God directly in our minds; it was like the line to God was immediately replaced with a vacuum and an awareness of evil that we had been shielded from all along.  Believe me, that was the most insane moments of our life.

Adam: Sewing leaves to wrap ourselves wasn’t done in the sense of concealing nakedness as you know it today. It was us looking for a way to patch up the exposure we felt, somehow hoping that something around us would be able to make up for our loss, but nothing was good enough.  Let me explain it this way: imagine there is a fierce cold, a cold strong enough to kill, but you are wrapped in layers upon layers of woolen material, and you don’t feel the cold. Just when you have gotten used to this warmth despite the cold attacking from all around, suddenly, without any preparation for it, you are yanked out of every clothing and left ribs and chest out to the cold. The cold hits you and threatens to kill you as you shiver helplessly. There is nothing as good as those wools around you, but there are pieces of  scanty silk materials around, what would you do?

Truth Zombie: I would try to make the best of the silk materials around I guess? Anything to quell the feeling of the cold

Adam: Would they feel anything as good as the woolen layers of clothing felt?

Truth Zombie: No I think?

Adam: But would that stop you in your moment of desperation from seeing how to wrap yourself in it? Even if you would still eventually die from the cold?

Truth Zombie: No

Adam: Exactly

Truth Zombie: Describe the days after you ate the tree, and what it felt like

Adam: We were banished, and we lived sadly ever after.

Eve: It was painful. The way it felt when I saw the squirrel that I had become intimate with suddenly dash into the trees whenever it saw me. The fact I could no longer communicate with the animals around was more sickening. Then the lion and the tiger became enraged with us, always trying to kill us whenever it could.

Truth Zombie: Thank you for that insight, I believe we would find that knowledge helpful in understanding what exactly transpired that day. So, let’s talk about the devil a little

{There is an obvious hostility in the air as I bring up the topic of the devil. Adam clenches his fist, and Eve sobers up sadly}

Truth Zombie: To digress a little from the topic, a lot of people feel that the devil was misjudged by God when he was cast down, and that God wasn’t fair, being that the devil’s only offence was trying to be equal to God. Biblical history puts this event before the casting out of Eden, but what is your take on…

{Eve scoffs in disgust and Adam flairs up in full anger}

Adam: I have always known human beings to have a large level of stupidity, but this level is just appalling! For one, how can anyone be more concerned with whether the devil was judged properly, than with the fact that he is the reason you all are where you are today! I don’t care what devilish delusions he has fed you with, but the truth is that he has never loved us, and would never! And don’t be ridiculous, the devil wasn’t just trying to be equal with God, as blasphemous as that very action is.  The devil conceived the plans of a well-organized usurp! It was a well-organized attempt to seize power all for him!  He made attempt to dethrone God and be God! It was rebellion! It was treachery! It was all level of disloyalty, ungratefulness, and disobedience! If that sort of offence went overlooked, what do you think would have happened in the spiritual realm, when other angels began to conceive the possibility of a coup, and then there would series of unending wars after another? God would become more preoccupied with trying to maintain being God, than with anything else, and you think the devil was misjudged! You think the devil was misjudged! You pity the person who put you in your misery?!  Do you think he would ever feel any way soft emotions towards you? He scorns you! He sneers at your folly! You hear? He sneers at your folly! Every single time you become preoccupied with trying to judge God’s judgment, he laughs! And you humans! What exactly is your standard of measuring what is fair and what is not? How can the created try to take their standards of judgment and impose it on their creator? The absurdity of humans is baffling! You think…

Eve: Adam it is okay, I think they get your point now.

{Adam relapses back, as he tries to calm down}

Truth Zombie: So tell us Eve…while Adam tries to regain himself, and since you were the one who first encountered the devil, what do you think were the reasons the devil made you to sin?

Eve: Power, jealousy and a hatred for God

Truth Zombie: Would you explain some more please?

Eve: Hatred for God: the devil wasn’t remorseful, never would be because the ability to feel remorse and ask for mercy has been taken from him; that’s his eternal punishment, till he himself is cast into the lake of burning fire. All he felt and still feels is anger, and a deep seated hatred for God, and that’s one of the things that motivate him. Jealousy: The only person, who had tasted an unexplainable level of power and then lost it, apart from us, is the devil. The devil was the second highest in command in the entire universe, only surpassed in power by God himself. He was in charge of all the angel armies of God, he was the Calvary leader. This explains why he was able to mobilize quite a number of angels to his side before they were overthrown and cast out. These fallen angels are now demons. When he was cast out, he was stripped out of every iota of power, because none of that were in fact his. He was cast down from heaven to roam the emptiness within, and there was the world’s second most powerful now with nothing. You can only imagine how he must have felt when he saw us being created and given all the authority over all the earth, the fishes of the sea and the birds of the air. When he looked at us, he saw a reflection of what he used to be, and it drove him to violent jealousy. Truth is, as much as he hates God, he also misses the relationship he had, and so when he saw us in an intimate relationship with his former master, he felt the deepest sense of jealousy. And then power…

Adam: let me explain power, Eve

Eve: Okay

Adam: You see, the desire for and abuse of power has been the greatest catalyst of destruction throughout the history of mankind, and it reaches out even into the supernatural realm too, even before the existence of man. The main cause of the sin of the devil was the desire for power and an attempt to collect more than he was permitted to have. Our sin too, was fueled by a desire to have a power that we were not permitted to, and devil understood what the desire for power felt like, so he cajoled us with the perfect trigger words: “you would be like God”. Throughout your human history, you see the desire for power influencing decisions and ultimately influencing the course of history itself. The tower of babel, all they could see to achieve with their unity was to build a tower that would reach into the heaven, and grant them access into the very seat of power. Look at all great men, and ask yourself what made them to be recognized as great; it is the power that they were able to attach to their name. Julius Ceaser, the man who single handedly marched against the senate of the Roman Empire. Alexander the great, who extended the territory of the Greek Empire to encompass almost all corners of the earth, and he would have successfully harnessed all powers of the earth to himself if he hadn’t died suddenly. Once Adolf Hitler’s motive was to march against all the kingdoms of the earth until they fall under his total Aryan rule. Pablo Escobar is well known not just because he smuggled cocaine, but because he was able to harness power in the form of astonishing riches, and an army of his.  He had a power so great for an individual that he single handedly shook the Columbian government and even went to war against them, until his eventual death. There are countless more instances, so you see? It’s all about the power, and that’s why whatever humans perceive to be a source of power, they chase madly after. They chase money because it brings power, the governments chase oil, and wars erupt from the fight for oil. Saddam Hussein annexing Kuwait was all about the oil deposits they had, and you want to know the truth? America was largely interested in fighting against Saddam not really because of any desire for justice, but because they didn’t want that amount of oil to fall into the hands of their enemy. Countries seek to develop and own military might, to build nuclear weapons that would outdo that of the other nations, just so they can get others to listen when they talk. Power, power, power! The devil wasn’t left out in this crave for power. When he saw us now possessing a great deal of power, being in charge of all the earth, he instantly craved it. He wanted some power back, and he knew the best way to do it was to severe our relationship with God. When we ate that fruit, we didn’t only loose God, we unknowingly swapped our positions. We transferred all our legal right to the ruling of the earth to the devil, and the devil possessed all our powers. He became lord of the earth, and lord of all animals and fishes. He took our place

Eve: God respects justice and is a fair God, so he won’t take away what the devil had earned for himself, so he let him be. Next time when you ask why there is much killing in the world and God does nothing about it, you need to understand that devil is in charge, and God respects that and won’t intervene except you out rightly ask him to, and you have to ask him through the legal means that even the devil has to recognize.

Truth Zombie: And what is the…

Adam: Don’t ask us what it is.

Truth Zombie: Okay. What do you think about God deciding to banish you two from the Garden of Eden?

Adam: Perfectly rational decision. That garden held more powers than our now carnal self could deal with; don’t forget the tree of life was still there. Nothing would have stopped us from eating that one too, and I’m sure God’s plan wasn’t to immortalize evil.

Truth Zombie: Wow. Thanks for that one. We are slowly coming to an end of this session, but before we wrap it up, allow me to ask: How much do you think the world as we know it now has been affected by the fruit you ate?

Adam: Minus the obvious violence and evil everywhere? The very biggest change is what I would call the ultimate search.

Truth Zombie: Okay, go on

Adam: Remember the vacuum and disconnection I told you about, that we felt when we ate that fruit?

Truth Zombie: Yes

Adam:   Well, it is still there, always would be. Every human would be born with that vacuum. We ate the fruit, and our makeup was permanently altered to now include a vacuum of what was originally filled by a direct line to God. Humans sense this from time to time in different ways, no matter how preoccupied they get with life, and so they begin this search. The search takes different guises, but it is all as a result of the blank space within them. They go on searches to discover purpose, understand what the essence to their existence is. They ask questions hovering around the spiritual and unknown, and they create new means they believe they can use to fill up this vacuum. Some people have no idea what they are trying to feel, or what was originally there, but they still try to feel something nonetheless and others have a clue of what it is. This is the origin of religion.

Truth Zombie: Throw more light on the issue of religion from your standpoint

Eve: You see, religion is different ways human beings try to fill the vacuum within. When the emptiness becomes overwhelming, one thing happens, humans invent new ways to fill it, and they develop new means they believe is the way to restore this lost contact to God. They invent doctrines, practices, traditions, rituals, anything they convince themselves is the way to reach God again. Everything is religion, just in different guises. As absurd as it sounds, science is a religion, atheism is a religion, irreligiousness, is a religion! Even religions not built wholly on the existence of a god, still thrives to fill a vacuum or to restore something; to restore man to where they believe man is supposed to be or to restore something back into its place. They all agree at least, that man is not where he is supposed to be, and so are trying to get him there. But trying to get man there ultimately signifies that man was once there and is no longer there, but many do not understand this logic.

Adam: Unlike what science would tell you, that religion was as a result of man not understanding a lot of things around them, and trying to make sense of it, religion is deeper than that. Religion is triggered by a state of dissatisfaction. Even the very religion of irreligiousness, stems from being dissatisfied with religion, and not finding satisfaction and fulfillment in its doctrines and perceived means of attaining completion and salvation. No matter what anybody says, everybody is searching, or once searched, and has now found something that they believe is the answer to what they are searching for.

Truth Zombie: You sound skeptical Adam, like you are trying to paint a picture of a rat race. What is your opinion about this search for what would feel the vacuum of the lost connection? Do you think that human beings have indeed found the answer to their search? And come to think of it, there are diverse religions, diverse school of thoughts on how to attain salvation and completion, what is your take on this?

Adam: Your question answers itself, if there are diverse school of thoughts, diverse religions and diverse answers to the question of the existence of a god and relationship with a god: Atheism, deism, agnosticism, Buddhism, monotheism, polytheism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, universalism, humanism, Mormonism, Jainism, Sikhism, irreligiousness, and all others, but yet with only ONE TRUTH or ONE WAY. Isn’t the answer obvious? Only one of you is right, and the others are wrong. The question you should ask is this: who is the right one, and who are the wrong ones? And how do you know for sure that you are the right one?

Truth Zombie: This is really a lot to think about. This would certainly take a lot of meditation and sober reflection over, to completely understand. I have one last question for the both of you before we round this up though. Do you still love yourselves?

Eve: I love Adam, more than everything else, I love Adam dearly

Truth Zombie: And Adam, what about you?

Adam: I can never stop loving Eve; I would never stop loving Eve. I would love her till the end of time.

As I summarize with them and head back to my realm, I realize that this interview series would be deeper than anything the world has ever seen. And to think that I have another mind blowing interview coming up very soon…

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for reading up to the end! No, for real, thanks a lot! It’s your reads that make this blog possible. The comment box belongs to you, so drop your comments, let me know what you think!



  1. lool, thanks Cindy for your review and critique. I find both of them helpful and encouraging. It’s not out of place to not agree completely with some points, though they are really not mine; they’re Adam’s and Eve’s. lol. Thank you once again Cindy, I’m elated that you read it

  2. Ooooooopppppsss! This blew ma mind! From the moment I saw this announced and the graphics (by the way the graphic got me…), I’ve been waiting and looking forward to this interview! To say the least, I was swayed! I’m glad my expectation wasn’t cut off. Kudos!
    This is a ‘wooow’ read! Hearing from the horses’mouth (Adam & Eve), as it is said, made all the difference. It’s quite insightful and revealing. Please keep it rolling in! When’s the next interview??

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad the post made you feel all of this things! Haha, keep your seatbelts strapped on tightly, the next interview is on its way!

  3. wow! just wow! i’m impressed really. the anayisis just flows with what’s in the bible and in the world today. the corrolation is just so strong. and the fleshing out of the characters made me wonder if you literaly saw them. (for real did you see them?)
    you’ve given me something to think of that because it made me quite speechless for a moment.

  4. Wow…I’m dazed I’ve never actually come across such wonderful piece ….well done Peniel

  5. “…only ONE TRUTH or ONE WAY. Isn’t the answer obvious? Only one of you is right, and the others are wrong. The question you should ask is this: who is the right one, and who are the wrong ones? And how do you know for sure that you are the right one?” Nothing is as haunting as this Adam’s closing remark, really got me thinking here. And also, on the issue of power, and the destruction that seems to be synonymous with it. what then is the solution? Should man stop to seek after power entirely? Should power be eliminated entirely? Can power even be eliminated entirely? I would love to hear your take on this truth zombie, and anybody that wants to answer too. You did a good one on this, I’m in love with it.

    1. Hello there Rose. No, man shouldn’t stop seeking after power entirely, I believe man was meant to possess a certain level of power, and really, I don’t think power can be eliminated entirely. Even if everybody stops seeking after power consciously, power would automatically seek after people whose actions invite it; power is like a mantle that would need to rest on someone, or something. The crux of the matter however, should revolve around us asking questions like: How far am I willing to satisfy my desire for power? What am I willing to sacrifice, and how valuable are those things to me? In the long run, when I reflect on the things I did to attain power, would I earnestly say it was worth it, and what ways would this affect other people living in the society? Is this level of power that I desire worth it, in comparison to the things I would have to do to achieve it? When you are done answering this questions earnestly, and all your answers are positive and in line with your general welfare and that of others around you and in the society at large, then you can go after it.

  6. This is a creative write up, I must begin with. But I’m an atheist, and it wasn’t enough to convince me about the existence of a god, or man being in a once intimate relationship with him… the whole idea of an Adam and eve that was in this sort of relationship with a god is amusing, with all that goes on in the world today. I find this write up somewhat overly religious in a sense, and to think that religion is the reason for the decadence in our society. Atheism is not religion, no matter how much Adam and eve seemed to be so much sure about that lie. If you take away religion, you’re automatically taking away every rotten thing like terrorism, forced marriages, violence and discrimination, amongst many others. I like your angle and creativity all the same, but I believe there are more significant things you can accomplish with a blog as reputable as this one, and with all your in-built ‘wisdom like perspective’

    1. Hello there, I am glad first of all, that you stopped by and even read the post enough to form your opinions about it. I respect the fact that atheism is what you choose to believe in too. However, I would like to state first of all that the intention of this post wasn’t to convince anybody of the existence of God, though I believe solely in His existence. I like to view this post as one with an independent mind of its own, with its own power to send different messages to different people, without necessarily hovering completely around any of them as a central theme. If the post came across as trying to convince you about the existence of God, then I’m happy about that too, it means it has an underlying kind of power to speak to you about that issue. You can choose to dialogue with it about that.
      This post is not religious in any sense, and cannot be accused of having the tone of religious zealousness, as I as an individual is not even a fan of religion in its organized form, or in any form of it as is practiced in our society. (Don’t come at me about this if you don’t understand what I mean in its completeness). I won’t however agree with you on the notion that eradicating religion automatically eradicates every rotten thing. For one, no matter how much you look at it, religion is not the root of the rotten things in the society, the problem is man himself and his tendency to tilt towards evil, and religion is just one of the many canopies that man hides under to perpetuate this evil. If you take away religion completely, man would only invent another disguise he can use to satisfy his in-built desire for evil. Saying religion is entirely synonymous with evil is like saying that atheism is the automatic key to goodness and perfection, and this is an extreme and untrue notion. To quickly add, there are countless number of people that religion, even the organized one has managed to keep sane in this our very insane society, and we can be appreciative about that. If there is anything here that has the underlying tone of religion, it would be your name “staunch believer in atheism” Sounds like the way someone would describe a passionate belief in something/religion. Adam and Eve did have a point after all, lol. Thank you for making me to publish a post under a post, and about what you think I should use this blog to achieve? Let’s just say I know what motivates and what I fight to achieve, and I won’t necessarily have to disclose this to you. I sincerely wish you have a great day too, thanks once again for stopping by.

      1. Very ironic to see somebody who claims to be nonreligious, defend religion so passionately? Ironies of life

        1. I didn’t defend religion, neither did I attack atheism. I analyzed a total truth. If you see it to be defending only one angle to all of this, then you might need to be a little bit more open minded

      2. Thanks all the same for your opinions, I find the dialogue mentally stimulating. I certainly do have some points which carry truth in it still. Have a great time

        1. Certainly of course, your message can’t be completely passed over as an entire fallacy, and yes, I would look into them as deep as I can. I’m really happy you stopped by and engaged me in this conversation I find helpful. Please do come around again.

    2. I respect that you’re an atheist, however I believe this wasn’t in anyway trying to convince anyone but give answers to questions in general and if looking literally at Adam’s statement of atheism been a religion, it definitely proves that atheism is a religion in itself (religion is based on beliefs, God or no God; and so is atheism); however I’d like that you push religion aside and enunciate the words adeptly… there’s more to just reading the lines

      1. Timon, I appreciate your input, and it is received in good spirit, but I wouldn’t agree with you on the concept of atheism being a religion too, it’s such a shallow summary of what atheism entails. Atheism is the outcome of a resistance to religion, and it’s degrading to align it to the very idea it fights against. I would have ventured deep into arguing in favour of atheism and why everybody should be an atheist, and why god doesn’t exist, but knowing very much that this post wasn’t written with the intent or proving or disproving the existence of god, I fear that I would be so out of place.

  7. Nessie from Norway
    I’m still yet to grasp the message of searching that this interview revealed to me. it’s something to really ponder over, and the different approaches this searching takes. Too beautifully written truth zombie, I’m definitely a new fan of your work

  8. I’m a Christian and believe in the story of Adam and Eve, but I’ve never received much insight into it like this ever before. I wish this article would reach all the corners of the earth, I believe every person need to read this, with all of its beautiful insights. This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Great job!

    1. Thank you deep thinker, I’m more than happy with your positive review of this article. You can help take the post a step further towards reaching the corners of the earth by telling someone about it, lol. Really, thanks a lot deep thinker, I’m delighted.

  9. Brendon- Agnostic
    This piece is just one beautiful and expository one. At a point I had to remind myself that I was reading an interview by truth zombie, to truth zombie’s opinion of what Adam and Eve would have thought, and not necessarily with a living Adam and Eve. I am agnostic and still am, but believe me you did justice to this, and brought about the existence of a god even more outline in my mind. This has given something else to reflect on. Nice one truth zombie. I’m definitely coming around again.

    1. lol, perhaps Brendon you should have not reminded yourself that indeed you were reading an interview with truth zombie by truth zombie, you would have probably been hit even deeper with the analysis of the Adam and eve situation, and besides you can’t be too sure that I indeed did not conduct a real interview with Adam and Eve, lol. Thanks Brendon for reading till the end, I’m gladdened by your feedback. Do have a great life.

      1. Haha, if you had claimed to have conducted an interview with Adam and eve in a reality sense, then we are talking about divine revelation, or a transcendence from the physical realm to the spiritual, and so it becomes a hoax to me, because I wouldn’t believe it, since my beliefs currently don’t give room for a harmonious blend of the physical and spiritual enough for there to be transitions from one to another, but I get the humour in your sentence however. Cheers and good write up once again

        1. Lol. Rightly said Brandon; the statement was all for humour, and there was no presence of any real transition from the this realm to another, at least not in the way you’ve described. I understand your belief on the issue of realms, and you’re entitled to your opinions. However there was a deeper inspiration than just creativity and literal prowess that ailed me into creating this one, but I believe that’s for me to know. Thank you once again Brandon.

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