You most likely might have heard the phrase at least once in the course of living out your daily life ‘age is nothing but a number’ and perhaps might have even begun to see some element of sense in the statement too. People argue that the statement holds truth, and for some certain situations, that statement would be considered good news.

People choose to believe there is an element of reason in this statement, but then if you’re talking of reasoning, let’s do some of that.


In recent times, the phrase has been adopted by a lot of parties, and it is no longer unusual to see this phrase being cited in situations where it shouldn’t even hold any level of logic.

As much as someone would argue that there is reason in that statement, there is actually a large deal of foolishness now commonly attached to it. You see, it’s not logical to completely invalidate the importance of age and drop it to the point of no just figures, because you’re trying to justify why someone of a particular age should be allowed to do, or not do something.

Age is many things, but a number

The first time I saw the absurdity in this statement was when I watched a Nollywood production, and it featured a man a little over twenty five, wasting his life in the village, preferring to go in chase of little girls in the daytime, and drinking palm wine in the evening, than trying to do anything productive with his time. His father was very much worried for him, and when he tried reprimanding him, his mother who was casted the role of pampering him at all times came to his defense, stating that age is nothing but a number. I remember calculating in my head, that if age is really nothing but a number, then our body’s growth should freeze at a spot while our age continued increasing, since it’s as irrelevant as nothing but figures. I mean why does normal numbers seem to have so much effect on us?


If age is really just a number, then it shouldn’t be out of place to see a good looking teenager, and when you enquire the age, you discover that he is nine hundred and ninety nine years old, still young and energetic, and showing no signs of ageing.

If age is nothing but a number, then age should run into infinity the way our number system does, and not stop us from enjoying life by the time we clock eighty, ninety, or hundred, as the case may be.

The second time I remember seeing the folly in this widespread and popularly accepted statement, was when I watched a Hollywood production, and in the movie, a younger boy and a musician was in love with a very much older lady thrice his age, and when he faced attacks about his choice of a lover, he sang a song. It was just sad when his only defense in a complete four minutes song to his ‘haters’ as he liked to call them, was age is nothing but a number, over and over again.

this is the worstWhen you make this your defense, don’t you see how shallow it is? Don’t you feel the emptiness of what is believed to be a wise saying?

Age is many things, but a number.

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Age is the consciousness of the existence of time. It is the consciousness of the steady moving hands of the clock, drawing us minute by minute to the end of our lifetime.

Age is the reminder of the fact that immortality does not run in our blood stream.

Age is that concept that was naturally invented to put us in our right stage of life at every given time, the concept that makes sure we get the full package out of life, while being conscious of when exactly we are required to leave one stage and proceed to another.

Age is the check that would instigate the society into stopping the young ones from engaging in certain practices not suitable for them yet, and from going overboard at any point in time.

Age is the reality that rations out responsibility, and is supposed to make sure that no one carries less, or more responsibility than is required of them at any moment.

Age is the mantle that would grant the older ones the access to privileges, which would in turn spur the younger ones into desiring to grow.

Age is what instills a certain level of order, discipline, and sanity to our already insane society.

What is age to you?

Age shouldn’t just be a figure you remember for document purposes, but it should be what would inspire you to get to work, realizing that it symbolizes mortality.

The awareness of age and ageing should be what would motivate you to pick up speed, running down the track of life, realizing that you have only but a short time to achieve all you have in mind to achieve, to change all you desire to see changed, and to build that legacy before your time is up. Age should be your reminder that you have been allocated a limited time that has already begun counting down.

Age should be what would spur you into reflecting soberly on the beauty and futility of life, and the reality of death.

Age is what would eventually bring you face to face with death, and death…what would death usher you into? Ever thought of that?

Age shouldn’t just be an ever increasing number to you, but it should be that factor that would keep you in your place, that factor that you would put into consideration when making decisions. Age should be the reminder of life and living; age should be the reminder of the existence of time.

Time, every second running into each other, combining to form minutes and then hours and eventually days running into weeks and months endlessly, not for once taking a break, not for once considering if you’ve been productive or useless, only bothered with making sure the world keeps moving at a pace, and not bothering to know if you’re keeping up.

Numbers must not be coherent or chronological; age never breaks its flow pattern. Numbers increase and decrease, age only increases.

Age is not a number; age is only represented by numbers

*drops mic as the crowd erupts into a clapping and standing ovation, lol

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  1. Age is a number. You are the one Making more out of it. Check your dictionary. When that saying “Age is nothing but a number” is used it actually means it’s not by how old you are but by what you’ve done in that period of time. So it’s not about your age. Age is not represented by numbers, it is a number and it is represented by time. Maybe days, months or years.

    1. like I already said in the post, age is not a number, but is represented by numbers and I maintain my stance on that.
      This article isn’t a debate over use of English, but rather, over the interpretations and the message behind the words and statements. If someone uses the ‘age is nothing but a number ‘ statement in the light that you have portrayed it, then there is no problem with that, and this article wouldn’t be for them.
      You cannot however dismiss the fact that this statement has been manipulated negatively to be an elaborate excuse and cover up for certain misappropriations we meddle in. My example in the article should illustrate that much to you. I have personally witnessed, even after the publication of this post, scenarios where this statement is used and abused in a very sad manner to make some one feel comforted in a situation he should naturally not be comfortable with.
      P:S- I checked the dictionary like you instructed me to, more than one for that matter, and its funny how I didn’t see any reference to age being a number, in all the dictionaries that I consulted. Maybe you could give me a specific dictionary to use.
      Age is not a number, age is merely represented by numbers.

  2. Plenty of wisdom in one article… Haaaaa!! Age is more than a number, until you fall in love with someone far older than you, then it’s allowed abeg. u get?

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