Allow me to sound like King Solomon for a little while.

There is a pattern which I have seen under the sun; at least in my neighborhood, and it never ceases to amaze and baffle me simultaneously.

My neighborhood is a blend of the rich and the poor, and their pattern of living is very ironical, in comparison to what is expected considering their financial position.

The poor, and there are quite a number of them, seem to be the ones enjoying life and living “lavishly”. They blast their music loudly from their stereos, entertaining the whole street, and they always seem to be on party mode. One particular individual that I am particularly curious about, is always playing music out loud from his Keke Napep at all times, and another plays terrible music from his empty vessel that is well mastered in making the loudest noise. If you somehow don’t hear the sound of the power indicator when there is light, you won’t miss it when his trash music starts banging. Their houses always seem to have the larger number of people coming around for visits and chills, and their default setting is on party mode. They are always everywhere and believe me, they appear to be the masters of the streets. Ooow, and when they party in owanbe style, they leave their houses and take the action to the street. Skepta is not a master of shutdown; these people are the real masters of shutting down, and when they shut down, fogerrit, you cannur pass da road till they aff finish.

Then you observe the rich. They are rarely seen or heard, and the times you spot them are usually when they cruise past in their rides, with windows wound up and engines sounding like inspirational soul music. You pass their beautiful mansions, and they are always equivalent to graveyards, total silence.

The only noise you hear coming from their houses periodically, is the sound of generators that give no regards to the unwritten Nigerian rule that states that generators are meant for night time use only. The few times they throw a party, you know for sure that something is going down somewhere, not because they block road (they never do), but because of the time duration, and even their DJs probably studied disk jockeying in school; they’re too good.

I’m not saying I know why it’s like this, and I’m not saying their lifestyles are the reason why they are where they are o. I’m not even saying that one is good and the other is bad o.

I’m just King Solomon telling you about a pattern which I have seen under the sun



  1. Lol. I laughed, really laughed as much as you’re trying to be nice, I understand your sublimal message and it’s my thoughts. Forgive me if you get lots of alert courtesy of me, I’m on a reading spree today, really enjoying this blog

    1. who am I to be offended by your reading spree? Am I abnormal? lol. I love the fact that you’re on a reading spree and loving the blog. The zombie feels honoured

  2. you seem to be really enjoying your laugh, lol. Nice question you asked, let’s leave it at the question level. ‘is there any connection between their approach to life and their financial standings?’

  3. Ha ha ha ha…what a keen observation and articulated expression. Very interesting neighbourhood you’ve got!

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