Shut up.

No for real though, I am not mincing words, you heard me clearly; shut up.

I don’t know why you think anybody really wants to hear the horrible garbage you spew out all in the name of saying your mind, and I’m still trying to understand who or what you think you are that makes you believe that your demoralizing opinions of other people are welcomed.

Shut up.

None of the things you are going through, none of the way you feel, justifies you opening your mouth wiiiide like a broken faucet, and just before you close it, you succeed in leaving a soul in despair, hurting and broken, at the verge of an emotional breakdown, with a scarred psychology.

Just as there is no principle of life that mandates you to be the victim of misery, there is also no principle of life that mandates others to be miserable because of you, so shut up.

Your challenges and insecurities don’t give you the license to make other people miserable through verbal bullying and nasty comments. Get help if you feel you have a problem. Picking on others is not a therapy that works, talking to someone is a better therapy, but whiles you look for someone to talk to;

Ensure that you do not express your pains by comments that would intensify the pain of others.

And for those, that bickering and sneering and being out rightly mean is just a nasty habit that you didn’t dispose of as you were hitting puberty, you need to begin to outgrow such vile habits and begin to understand the gravity of what you do to others every time you say something hurtful.

A lot of people are in their current sad situations because of what others said about and to them, and that messed with their minds and their emotions, and you just might not know how many people are going through sad travails because of a monstrous seed you planted with your mouth.

Most people only become aware of what they think is their imperfection because of the cruel light those around them shine on it, and many others go ahead and become extremely self-conscious of it because of the things people who think they are just being funny and cracking jokes said.

If you understand how that cruel statement of yours would affect that individual in the next three months, you might not feel so amused by it any longer; neither would you think it funny.

So it makes you feel good about yourself huh? To see someone whining under the effect of your mouth while you fan yourself for being dry witted and sarcastic?

You feel happy when you watch the first drop of tear slide down that face because of the things you’re saying with your mouth?

Nobody wants to know what you think about her weight or the shape of his head, her family background or his IQ level. You have better dresses? Congratulations! She doesn’t have as much as you do, we all know that… now can you keep walking and not be that judgmental and saucy being that would vomit a ton load of filth in the name of what you think about him or her?

Liberate your terrible tongue lashing mind from your body just this once and put it in the mind of that person you are dissing. Feel what that individual feels, think the same as that person, process all that goes on in that head courtesy of the words you say. There is a possibility that if you were that individual, you would have found a noose and fixed round your neck a long while ago.

Why should you?! I mean, why should you feel in the right authority to put a negative label on somebody? Who gave you that right?

Who permitted you to play God, and try to create your own definition of a person, or weave out a script for an individual you didn’t help creating to live by?

So you suddenly feel the need to remind them of the label that your likes in the society fixed on them? Next time you feel the urge to, try entering their head and you would see thorns planted by people like you who feel special enough to “have an opinion on their identity”

So how about we play a game, I’d be the coordinator and you would be the participant.

How about you enter into the head of that person you’ve been making fun of.

Are you in there now? Good.

Do you see all the negative thoughts? I’m sure you do.

Now, just before you think of leaving, take in all the sadness you feel inside there. Absorb all the despair you feel choking you from all around. Can you spot those thoughts that say things like “I am worthless; life would be better off me without me; I wish I wasn’t born; I have no value; I’m not good enough?”

Good, because you put them in there.

You don’t like it in there? Do you feel nauseous perceiving all the awkward smell of dejection and depression in there? That’s the stench that constantly oozes out of your mouth while you wreak havoc to a soul you didn’t help creating.

Do you feel bad now? Tell me you feel bad pleeease. Now if you do, take a pledge today;

Pledge to always shut your mouth in the face of temptation to say something you know would hurt someone else.

Pledge to get rid of all the verbal decay within you, and learn how to uplift.

Do this, and watch the world become a better place.

Shut up, and shut up now!

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  1. I would have shouting “tell them!” if I don’t feel so guilty right now, knowing that I’ve done this from time to time. I feel really bad, but it’s for good.

  2. Biko, who is this truth zombie that writes so magnificently? I checked your site out via reference of a friend and your write ups are amazing. I want to know something more about you other than the fact that you live in a weird world and seem to have an unusual audacity to be telling people to shut up. Do you breathe like us? Do you eat normal food? Sleep and wake up? Do you have a girlfriend? Catch feelings? You’re just too good abeg.

    1. haha!! This one really got me feeling completely alien, lool. It would actually be very exciting to say that the Zombie doesn’t breath, sleep, wake up and doesn’t eat normal food, but sadly I am just a human too. lol. Thank you Mikun, your comment made my day

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