I’ve been on my King Solomon mood for a while now, so please permit to sound like King Solomon yet again.


I have noticed yet another trend under the sun, and this one is very distressing…and somewhat amusing too. Well I think it would be amusing as long as you don’t fall into the category of people about to be scrutinized, so if you don’t find it amusing, consider checking yourself.

Sooo, back to King Solomon matters.

I have noticed yet another trend under the sun, and this one is very distressing and somewhat amusing.

It is the competition to have haters

. HATERS.png

it’s like a lot of people in this era try to consciously have as much haters as they can in order to feel relevant, like everybody is literally trying to gather haters and so many begin to even create haters where none actually exists.

It’s like we’re now all in a competition to outdo one another when it comes to who have the higher number of people hating on them, and I think this is just off.

I don’t know when having haters became the way to have credibility, but it seems like that’s what it is now.  Somehow this whole haters talk, manages to slip into many of our conservations and our social media updates and interactions.

If nobody is hating us, then we need to find one

I told you having haters is a necessity

If uncle is not talking about how God would keep blessing him and making his haters jealous, aunty is talking about how she doesn’t care what the haters think of her, and how she would keep on shining.  Some people are so skilled in cursing their haters, and all haters around the world, and this makes me wonder; if a hater is defined simply because someone says you are, how are you so sure you’re not also someone’s hater? If that’s the case, congrats you just cursed yourself.


Looking at it logically, all people who have haters are automatically the hater of their haters too, if their haters think the same way as them (which is often the case).


This whole hating drama might seem cool until you begin to look into the life of this haters-minded people, and you start to realize that they talk about their friends, or giving a shout out to a couple of friends who have been very supportive. Or could it be that they don’t have friends at all, and it’s just haters all around?

That kind of life sha

The only time however that this people acknowledge friends in their pictures, it usually goes like this:

“Shout out to Miss a. She has been a real sister to me, and I love her so much. To hell with all our haters; they can keep plotting evil, but we don’t care because we’re soaring on another level.

Welcome to the anti-haters gang.

If only you know how much bad energy and negativity you need to keep releasing in order to maintain this world of haters that you have created, and how much clap back effect this negativity has on you.

Of recent, feeling like Sherlock Holmes and beginning to get a little upset about the whole haters’ saga, I started doing a little background check into every single person that passionately talks about their haters, and you know what is most amusing?

They actually don’t even have any notable enemies or rivals. No, I’m sugar coating what I want to say; let me be as blunt as possible.

Most of them don’t even have any tangible amount of persons acknowledging their existence enough to begin to hate on them with the amount of passion that they talk about their haters with.

The few who actually have enemies are people they quarreled with over very dumb and lame things, and have refused to let go of.

If only you realize that it takes more energy for you to keep acknowledging these haters, than it takes to live a haters-free life.


And really, in my opinion, haters don’t really exist; you make haters out of whomever you want to make a hater out of, and if you don’t want to have haters, no matter what happens, you just won’t have haters.  I know a number of people who don’t have haters, and who don’t have enemies. It’s a complete possibility.

Many people are so keen on having haters that they just wait for the slightest wrong thing you do, for them to give you the hating badge of honor. You can become a hater for simply not liking someone’s fashion style without necessary resenting it, heck, that’s too high up; you can be labeled as someone’s hater just for not grinning wide enough when the person greets you.

Now, I’m not saying that people who despise you don’t exist, (although in many situations where you think they exist, they really don’t.) I’m not saying that this world is void of people who don’t like you, or who actually mean you harm, that would be too one sided a statement to make concerning a world like ours, but all I’m saying is this:

  1. Don’t pay so much attention on this band of people
  2. Stop giving them relevance in your life
  3. Stop giving them so much power over your life, making you hover around them that you literally live for them, posting so much things bordering around them
  4. You might not have as much haters as you think you have once you filter your perspective and view things rightly
  5. The word hater already contains so much negativity that you would be better without, dispose of it
  6. Don’t be in a haste to make someone your hater, if you’re on the lookout for haters all the time, you might label someone that means you good, as a hater and so block yourself from receiving a possible destiny helper.
  7. You’re important even without haters, and I want to personally say that the popular message, that “you know you’re succeeding when you begin to have more people envious and jealous of you”, is a complete lie. Don’t begin to search for who is jealous and envious of you. In my opinion, if you begin to take much interest in knowing who is jealous of you, for you to feel good about yourself even in the slightest bit, then pride is creeping in

Simply put, forget about haters and the drama that comes with that territory, outgrow haters and hating, and live with positivity only.

I think I’m done for now, so I can take off my king Solomon robe and be my normal bland self. lol

If you noticed all the numerous bolded hater words, and got slight irked about its frequency, I’m happy. That’s what it feels like when someone creates a full content around one annoying concept.  I hope I didn’t just narrate the story of your life? If I did, then it’s time to rewrite the story and remove all those bolded, degrading words from it.

How have you been my amazing people? I’m sorry for the duration of silence, I got caught up in preparing some more amazing packages for you all, but I’m back again with more fire.

Now or Never by Halsey has been playing in my head. I’m in love with that song meeh, you can check it out.

You know I’m on social media right? Good, let’s connect asap, they’re exclusive goodies for only people connecting on social media, come and grab your own package now!!!!. lol.





  1. Hahaha… I enjoyed this big time. I was about being angry with you for your silence, but because of this piece, you’re forgiven. You also really need to write more

    1. ayyy, I would work on writing some more. I acknowledge I need to work on that. I’m really glad you forgave me; you know how much your reading this site means to me

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Henry. About the number of haters you got. I really don’t know if that should be a good thing or not in your situation. lol. Thank you once again

  2. Looool, “most of them don’t even have a tangible amount of people acknowledging their existence.” That line got me like Whaaat.

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