HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE! (filler post)

Hello my lovely people! What’s gooooood!?

(Does the happy dance)

It’s good to be active here once again!

To be very honest, I missed you beautiful people, and I mean it with all sincerity in me. I really really missed this blog and its beautiful readers near and wide, and you lot made sure I did so, with your constant remarks over my prolonged silence. It’s not every blogger out there that is lucky to have such interactive readers like you people who leave comments both up here, and even reach out to me personally with positive feedbacks, comments, encouragements, and constructive criticisms.

Periodically, I go through previous comments and I find wells of encouragement and inspiration and of course a couple of good laughs too. The comments really do make me feel good, and spur me into putting in my best.

If I have not said this before, this is me saying it now: Thank you specifically for the piece of your mind you leave at the comment box very often. Nothing gladdens me the way reading those comments do.

Simply put, you all are amazing, and I missed doing this with you, but I’m back now!

Forgive me if I’m being emotional and all of that, but even the zombie has emotions you know. lol

So a reader on one of my previous posts expressed dissatisfaction with my prolonged silence, and even threatened a riot!  Another, though on a more private platform summoned me to answer before a panel of my esteemed readers, and only then would my forgiveness be considered. Intense!

Well, this is what I am doing here and now; answering the call to panel, to explain why I have been away, and what I was doing with all my time away from you people.

I think the summary of everything I was doing boils down to expanding Truth Zombie.

Currently, Truth Zombie is not just a blog anymore; it’s much bigger than that at this point. I like to call it an empire; makes me feel some kind of elevated ways at the sound of that, hehe.

I’ve always had bigger dreams that stretch beyond the walls of blogging. Blogging is just one of them. I want to be a world renowned author of bestselling novels one day, I want to be a notable public speaker, I want to be a CEO of a world class performing arts and Entertainment Company, and lots more; lots lots more.

My absence was me pursuing those dreams, bringing it one step closer to reality. Of course I could have squeezed out time to still put up one or two updates on the blog, but common, you beautiful people are definitely worth more than “squeezing out time” you deserve all the time, and so I was trying to clear out my table to be able to focus on the blog.

So Truth Zombie successfully launched a performing arts division, and a TV on YouTube.

(Can the crowd go wild now??!)

They both needed a level of work and time to successfully pull it off, hence my absence.

The performing arts would be bringing the best of all brands of performance and entertainment to your stages, and I mean all kinds of performing arts (dance, plays and dramas, musicals, spoken word poetry, stand-up comedy, etc.). The best part of the performing arts is the fact that it is completely mobile, and of course filled with a lot of morals and positivity. so now you know the squad to call when you are looking for the life of the party, lol. I don’t need to tell you that these performers are the best in the game, the Truth Zombie said so.

The TV is basically the same thing with the performing arts, except that it is not live and on stages, but rather prerecorded and televised. It would be airing the best of performances and shows, by the best of the best Truth Zombie performers, and I’m sure you would love it. Our shows would have that Truth Zombie signature of unique, creative and excellent, and of course it would definitely get better.

our very first performance aired on the first of September and it was a spoken word poetry by one of Truth Zombie’s finest spoken word artistes.

Watch it here , and please  leave your comments and greatest of all, subscribe.

I go down on my two bended literal knees to plead with you…please…subscribe to our channel. I know you would do won’t you?

Other than these, there were also a couple of events I helped plan and host, and some I spoke at. I have also been working on another big project that I cannot share yet (let’s call it the big secret), until it is time to unveil. Eeerm what else…

Yeah, I met amazing people, really amazing people and then this amazing person giggles sheepisly what? I’m not going to go into details so let’s leave it at that.

oow, school has reopened and it’s back to school, but not to worry, school has nothing on the love that we share; it is definitely not going to cause me to stop posting or anything of that sort.

Tomorrow, I would resume my normal postings, both articles up on the blog and quotes and short write ups on social media platforms.  My strongest passion would always remain where the pen and the ink is, no matter what and where Truth Zombie expands to, so be sure that you would have me.

Anything else I haven’t talked about?

Yes! I would also open two new categories on the blog,  movie and book review categories, where I would be extensively writing an honest opinion of any book and movie I read/watch, that makes an impression on me, or is quite popular or trending. I would also be doing review of books and movies based on popular demands, so let’s see how this goes.

I think that would be all for now.

I love you so much guys, thank you for making this blog a success all the way, and for supporting Truth Zombie up to this moment. I would always remain grateful and indebted to you all. the number of views and visitors that the blog generated, during this period, even without any new post going up is really leaving me very astonished and encouraged, and also making me feel bad for my “negligence” sobs but I’m back now like I’ve said over and over, lol.

See you all here tomorrow when a new post goes up,

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