THE CONCEPT OF IMMORTALITY -analyzing a world without death

Let’s mess around with the idea of immortality, and imagine a world where the concept of death doesn’t just exist; a world where death and dying is an impossibility, and where ageing ceases after a particular time. Let us allow our imagination to run some miles ahead of us, and let’s see what we would come up with.

Some time back, I wrote an article on the topic ‘age is nothing but a number?’ Where I gave my opinions on that popular statement, and recently after replying to a comment that was recently dropped on the post, I allowed my mind to wander the ends of my imagination, analyzing the concept of life and death, and then progressing to analyzing what a world without death would be like.

After a period spent in the solitude of my insanity, going over all possible scenarios of what a world without death would be like; this is what I came up with, and please venture down with me as we go through this:

Let’s paint a world where a child is born, and the physical body grows to a certain level and then ceases all forms of physical growth. Afterwards, the man just keeps on living. Thousands of years after the man is still walking on the surface of the earth, I imagine, taking a scroll in the evening in the company of his great great great great great grandchild.

Automatically there would be an elimination of notions like ancestors, generations, myths and legends, because we would all be of the same generation, all walking on the surface of the earth.

The idea of elder and younger too would be defeated because there would be no importance attached with being born before another. After all we are all going to be walking together on the earth till we  become so familiar with seeing each other without the hovering awareness of an age difference.  Who would even have the time to keep in touch with what a person’s age is, when there is no form of relevance now attached to it?

Would there still be need for job descriptions involving qualification by age?

I mean if there is no possibility of death, then it means there is no ageing, and hence age can no longer be synonymous with intelligence level. Somebody can be two hundred years, and out of choice, decide to seek after knowledge, and someone else can be two million but rather to just roam across the earth, displeased by the idea of getting knowledge.

What I’m still trying to process is if the absence of death would automatically come with the elimination of ill health.

Come to think of it, the whole essence of being healthy, and avoiding sickness is to keep your body in a state that distances you from the experience of death for as long as possible. When death is out of the picture, would ‘health’ as a general term still be relevant?

If we are applying the same thwarted logic that we have been using since we started this ridiculous journey down this path, then it would be safe to say that the absence of death, dying and ageing would automatically mean the absence of every form of ailment.

Immortality would definitely come with a package that would totally get rid of mortality and all of its trappings.

If this is the case, you can indulge in all form of health hazardous activities of your choosing and would be immune from the possibility of death and sickness because you have an imperishable body.


A lot of things that we know now would no longer be in existence, a lot of businesses and ventures.

Medicine would be as irrelevant as a coffin is to a living person

All the medical theories revolving around life, living and death would simply be useless. What about life insurances and wills?

And what becomes of religion? You do realize that almost all religions revolve around dying and after life, and a reuniting with a Supreme Being, that can only be achieved when a human has crossed over through the means of death? With death out of the picture how can after life be accessed?

What about purpose? Any need for that when there is no purpose to life itself? Can you find purpose in a life where everybody is just living, moving from one day to another without the prompting of a possible end of time to spur people into trying to make the best out of their life before this end of time arrives?  There won’t be the urgency to struggle to achieve anything because there is till infinity to achieve it, and if you know what infinity is, you would know that it is one heck of a long time.

What about leaving a legacy behind? Any need for that when you would always be in the picture, and you are already the legacy?

What becomes of all the historical classes and lessons bordering around figures of time past, and how they affect the present and the future?

The very idea of time itself is defeated, because nobody would be conscious of the passing of time, since nothing changes with the passage of time, and the movement of time is of no significant to anybody. Unless you can prove to me otherwise, I think time is only significant because our very existence hovers around it.

Time waits for no man? What happens when man is no longer interested in trying to catch up with time, because time no longer has a destination it is heading to?

Can you see this now? That life itself is built on the foundation of death and dying, and everything we know now and do, is all pointing us to one thing: death, and then after life as is believed in some religions.

Makes me wonder why then, we are so afraid of death

Okay, let’s push this madness a little bit further.

Remember, that there is no death clause, but there is a birth clause.

This means we are talking about an ever growing population in a planet that cannot expand to accommodate this growing population. Over the space of years there would be rapid reproduction which would even be facilitated by the fact that there is nothing to do other than to while away time. There would likely be no better way to while away time than for a man and a woman to coughs

If this is the case, can you fathom the level of overpopulation that the earth would be faced with?

Let’s imagine what the earth would be like in the next ten thousand years when offsprings are being produced in millions daily, and nobody is dying.

I would have said that there would be starvation and poverty, but I just realized that hunger is a part of the mortality package and with immortality we would have no need for feeding, and I have this feeling that nobody would give two pence about becoming rich or not.

What I’m imagining in an ever increasing world,  is a pile of human beings on top one another, because eventually every ground space would crammed with human beings.

It would be a tower of human beings reaching towards the skies, one on top of another, unable to even move from one place to another because of the extreme congestion.

Would the earth eventually implode under the over-capacity of humans in it? Or would the earth also have its own indestructible clause?

Okay this madness is too much. We need to recover a little bit of sanity at this point. This is where my imagination would take me today, so I’m dropping the pen at this juncture. If you painted any possibility or scenario that  I didn’t mention, and you would like to share, please feel free to use the comment box, plus I would love to know what you think about this utter nonsense that I just spent my time constructing, haha.

Thank you so much for reading a piece even as illogical and irrational as this one, another sincere reason to love you for loving me even in my state of stupidity!

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Have a great day and a great life people! Remember that in the real world there is an end to everything, so let’s utilize our time before the end of it comes!







  1. Trust me, i’m fond of going beyond, to the other side to know what life is really all about and in the end, I realise that were not as special as our ego paints us. Have you heard pantheist talk about the make up of man? Usually sound like pseudoscience shit but at times, it leave me wondering.

    On the other hand, take a time off and study quantum physics, you’ll get to know that man is more. More than this water spacesuit called body.

    When we talk about time, we’re going into something deep, something that our mind cannot even grasp. Albert Einstein and relativity comes to mind. If time is to cease existing, life itself cease. #my opinion though.

    Ride on truthzombie..

  2. Lol… funny l yet true, the thought if quite baffling sometimes, although i think if we were all immortal then the solution to the what ever issues we have would come though. Nice one by the way

    1. I have always thought that immortality would have been the answer to many of our problems too. As a much younger person, watching movies like twilight made me desire to be immortal, but growing up and rationalizing my thoughts have changed my thinking in that regards. Thank you for reading this one Marie, I am grateful

  3. Wow.. This piece is amazing.. at a point I had to wake myself.. Was like, “why is this guy messing with my mind? ” .
    sincerely I loved it. This isnt something you can easily stumble upon… Nice One.

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