Dear You


Dear you,

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are an epitome of uniqueness and you need to see it too.

You are like a perfectly crafted piece of art in a very large gallery, and no matter how much you search from one end to the other, you would never see another like you, neither would you see another, molded with the same glorious intents that you were molded with.

You are different, very different but in a beautiful way, and it’s not your fault if the society do not see it this way.

Dear you,

You do not need to confirm yourself to the oppressive and imprisoning standards of the society; those stupid and fake standards of measuring beauty and self-worth that the society seems to live by. You are bigger than that, you are more than all of that and I’m sure you feel this greatness tugging at you at those discomforting times that you try to force yourself to fit into the small box of the society. Stop trying to fit in any longer, it’s time to break out and let go, time to be free to express all your inbuilt potential

It’s time to be happy.

Dear you,

It’s time to ease out of all these pressures to be this and that, to get gratification from the society and to crowd source your self-esteem. It’s time to find gratification from within you; it’s time to make something better of yourself than that empty day to day individual that the society is trying to make out of you.

Dear you,

You deserve to be happy, and nothing you’ve done should doom you to a state of unhappiness; no mistake, no decision, no regrets, no experience should rob you of your happiness.

Dear you,

I understand the pains that you feel and can’t say a word about because the society has taught you that expressing emotions and vulnerability is weakness, and that being strong is about stifling pain and denying its existence.

That’s a lie.

Beneath all your toughness is still a ‘You’ that is weak and yearning desperately to be given expression to, to be given a room to cry out and breathe at the same time, and I think that is fine.

Hey, I hear when you say in the silence of your head that you wish for once that you can be allowed to be weak, to breakdown and cry in someone’s arms and not be judged for it and believe me you are not the only one.

You see, it takes strength to acknowledge weakness and tiredness, and I believe there is certain strength in weakness. You are permitted to be weak; when you feel the last bits of will power and energy draining out of your pores and all you want to do is stare into nothing and let the first tears slide down your face, please do, it doesn’t make you less of a human being


It must be painful to not have anybody around to listen to you, it must be painful to have lots of people around, but yet no one to look you in the eye, connect with your soul and sincerely say: “I understand”

That must hurt like hell.

It must be painful to have a heart filled with words that you have to keep swallowing over and over because everybody around seems so engrossed in their own lives to spot you clinging desperately to the edge of the cliff, finding reasons to not let go. Please don’t let go, please don’t let go. It would be worth it at the end.


Step down from that scale and shake off those lying voices that are telling you that your worth is measured by the scale. You might not have the model body, but at the end of the day when the real things of life matter, you would be relevant not by your body size, but by the condition of your heart and how it fueled you to make the difference that mattered in the long run. I mean it. I mean it with every ounce of seriousness within me, you are beautiful.

 Anybody who tells you otherwise or makes fun of your body is blind, and you would just be how surprised as to how many blind people are out there.


It’s sad that you are beginning to convince yourself that the only way out of your predicament is death; it wounds me to know that you think so. I mean, how can someone as amazing as you believe that the best option for you and all your gorgeousness is death?

Death is not as fulfilling as you might think, and I’m here right now telling you, no pleading with you… please don’t die. I’m on my knees right now telling you to hang on to your life, because there is another way out, there would always be another way out, even when you can’t see it. No, I’m not downplaying on the intensity of your pains and your struggles, I’m not looking down on the fact that life has become synonymous with agony, and you seek desperately for relief, but I’m assuring you that you can find relief while still alive. The world would lose a very big deal if you stop breathing.


I heard that you feel your demons calming down only when the cold blade finds your skin and opens it for your blood to escape along with the demons of the moment. You get relief from cutting, but when you are done you realize how harmful this is, and you want to stop. Believe me, I have an idea of the type of emotional pain that can push a person to seek solace in physical pain, the stings of a blade, and I can’t push this aside, but I urge you to fight. Fight through your challenges, confront your demons and come out tops. You would come out tops.

Hey, ‘

I know you’ve been through a lot, we’ve been through a lot, and that’s why I want you to stop sulking and self-pitying and take a step

Let’s fight

Let’s ridicule the wrong standards of the society.

Let’s make mockery of the same things that once depressed us, let’s yank falsehood out of our lives, and let’s reinvent our living.

 Let’s remake culture and eradicate labels. Let’s eliminate stereotypes and let’s redefine the meaning of words like beautiful, to encompass true beauty. Let’s arm our voices with reviewed ideologies of unity, love and true worth, and let’s challenge the same practices that bruised us and left us in need of mental healing. Let’s unsubscribe from these stupid tenets and let’s dictate to the society, the right ways to treat us.

And when we speak they would listen to us because we wouldn’t be whimpering from our dimly lit rooms, but we would be roaring from the mountain tops and organizing coups on the same stages that were once used to feed us lies and corrupt our images of our self.

Let’s shake our hurts and remake ourselves, then let’s remake the society to make sure that our children don’t experience this same crap.

Yours with love

Truth Zombie



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