Truth Zombie TV Launches Today


Because we promised to serve our arts on a platter of gold, we had to make sure our platform is gold enough, and finally we can say that this one has passed the gold testing, and is now up and running

TruthZombieTV launches today, and we promise you that it would exhibit a whole lot of mind blowing art contents that would not only pick your brain, but you would enrich it.

On our TV, we would exhibit arts and art projects such as spoken word poetry videos, videos of our artists in action, interesting series we would be running, short films and vlogs series, as well as coverage of our activities and stage performances and finally, updates of things going on in the Truth Zombie world.

Please lovely people do make sure you subscribe to our TV at TruthZombieTV on YouTube, and spread the word as well. This is that arts movement you have been longing for.

Also make sure to connect with us on social media at

truth_zombie on Instagram,


Truth Zombie on Facebook

You can send us an email at


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