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NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT AND NEGOTIATIONS WITH TERRORISTS -boko haram releases 82 Chibok girls in prisoner swap

Just recently, on the 7th of May to be precise, news got round about the release of 82 Chibok girls. Subsequently, the events surrounding their release unfolded, and it turned out to be that the Nigerian government had successfully negotiated with the terrorist group, and had agreed to release some imprisoned extremists to the group, in exchange for the girls. I would like to state first off, that I am sincerely gladdened by the release of these girls who have been in captivity for up to three years now and counting, and it would take an inhumane level of wickedness […]

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PASTOR SULEMAN AND THE FULANI HERDSMEN…what he did, and did not say

So the news of Pastor Suleman’s outcry against Fulani herdsmen has been going on for a while, and this is me about to talk about the whole issue as truthfully as possible. Of course there has been several opinions, reactions, and views about the whole thing, most of them seeming angry with the man of God and what they have tagged a hate speech. Well not all humans would have the same opinion on an issue so it is not unexpected that there would be diverse views on this issue. First of all, if you want to understand this whole […]

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