1.I need a man 2. Masks – Timon (exhibition)


I need a man in a beret

In a vintage shirt and faded jeans

Wearing an apron soiled in paint

Palette in one hand brush in the other

Creating my face on a canvas.

I need a man in camouflage

Boots and warpaint on

Crouching in mud behind shrubs

Furrowed brows gun in one hand

Trying to fight and still keep alive

Just for the children and I.

I need a man in a tie

A calculating machine in his pocket

Rolled up sleeves and shiny shoes

Drowning in a sea of numbers

Multiplying the figures by the hour

Just to buy me the best.

I need a man in a coat

Round glasses and neat nails

Having a nurse on standby

And keeping all ills away

Only to treat me better than the rest.

I need a man in a wig

Gracing the courtroom in his black robe

Winning every case with his speech

Eloquent demeanor and grand gestures

But his biggest win was my heart.

I need a man

To sit with me at night star gazing

To tell me I’m beautiful each sunrise

To stay from my lowest to my best

To bake me a cake on that special day

To feed me aspirin when I’m sick

I need a man

To clasp my hand in his

And pray that I never cry.


She was always wearing masks

The day before, she had the mask of lies on

She told her tale so well you were convinced

it was the truth, so convinced that even when

she told a lie without the mask on you thought

it was the truth.

Today, she’s put on the mask of strength

You wouldn’t see her eyes twitch or sense her

weakness if you tried, she’s put up a strong

facade it’s impossible to crack you’d break

your knuckles.

At dusk she puts on the mask of silence

Shush! Eeriness creeps on your epidermis

Ask a question but her lips stay sealed

Say a word but the response stays asleep

Can’t hear her voice, but can only see her speak.

At sunrise,she wears the mask of a princess

Chin up, chest out, shoulders back

upturned lips, at ease, hands by her side

The very cover of Grace and Poise.

It’s twilight and she wears the mask of murder

She’s managed to fool even herself

I sense her fear and anxiety, anger if you may

I see the knees of her strength wobble

I hear her muscles argue as they fight against

her will

Her heart dances to the beat of my eardrums

With a firm grip on the Grimm blade

She slit his throat sending his breath into

eternal extinction

Paralyzed by the sight of the crimson liquid

She hurries home and out of sight

Taking cover beneath her quilt

Tommorow she’s in the crowd

Talking and smiling from ear to ear

Seeming as if she was just as fine as everyone else

I just wanted to make sure she’s alright

That she’s better than I think I know

But she’s always wearing masks.

Timon whose name is Omodunni Martha is one very gifted writer. Her ability to flow almost effortlessly while creating something legendary with her ink singles her out.Β 

She has written on a lot of topics, which have all gotten positive reviews by her readers.Β 

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  1. I’m wowed and speechless. Especially with the man. Timon is very talented. How she mirrored her desires through a soldier, an artist, a business man and others. I’m in love with her prowess

  2. How do people write this flipping good???? Where was I when God was blessing people with so much literal prowess?? Timon is indeed gifted

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