The same month Toke Makinwa’s book dropped was the month you both weirdly came to the conclusion that you had indeed being rushed and that his lips weren’t just naturally black. You both realized that truly what the two of you had being smelling those nights when he kissed one of you and called the other “First Wife”, was in fact weed. The thought that because of him, you each had each other’s saliva made you both cringe.

As it dawned on both of you that you had indeed being played by him, the two of you decided to do something asides complaining to your friends that you were the one who had him by the balls and then stupidly proceeding to hug each other like sisters in public as though there wasn’t a seething rivalry between the both of you.

To start with, “The Second Wife” played along with him and probed him to ensure that the rumour reaching both of you that he did and sold drugs wasn’t just banter or another story for the gods. She found out that while you both were killing yourselves over him, he had one more in another course and two more in his estate and church. You both found the discovery shocking to say the least.


The day he went for the drug test where you both paid the person who had altered the results from his previous drug tests to infact leave the “Positive” there, “The Second Wife” called him and told him to be careful because she had a premonition that he was going to be in some kind of trouble.

He eventually entered trouble because while “The Second Wife” warned him, “The First Wife” had already cajoled his roommate—the one who constantly complained to her about him—to tell the Hall Administrator what had been going on in detail. The fear of being accused as aiding and abetting drug dealing made the roommate agree to do so. So that night, the Hall Admin indeed came and took him for a drug test.

He had a fight with the “First Wife” and told the “Second Wife” not to talk to her as though they weren’t already talking. He had the test and he thought it would be negative like it was something he could control the way he had controlled you both.

As you prepared yourselves for what people would say to you both when his name appeared on panel list for suspension, you reminded yourselves to take turns to call him and ask how his rehabilitation sessions were going.

The End

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