hearing the story from the horse’s mouth


Adam and Eve were two remarkable fellows. I had a great interview session with them. One that left me and probably you too with an actively thinking mind, trying to reflect and comprehend on all the insights you got. But this interview today… I am interviewing a baby, an aborted baby at that and I don’t know what to expect. I’ve been having this hunch however, that this would be remarkably different from that of Adam and Eve’s. At least for one I don’t have to bother with what to wear, since I’m only but interviewing a baby, or so […]

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I am interviewing Adam…and Eve. Yes, you read right, and no you’re not wrong; I really mean the first man and his wife; the man and woman who introduced the concept of wearing clothes to conceal ‘nakedness’, the man who named all the animals, the woman who was formed from the rib of a sleeping man, the man who was formed out of dust, or better still, the man and woman who ate the damned fruit and drove humanity out of bliss and into suffering. Isn’t it blue how all you ever hear of Adam is how he ate a […]

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